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Editing and proofreading - get started checking your own work.

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Proofreading editing 3.1
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Legal problem-solving essays - master this type of essay question

Legal problem-solving essays

Linking words - let ideas flow more easily with these important sentence structuring words

Linking words

Instructing words - pay careful attention to the instructions in a question

Instructing words

Reporting verbs - be more precise in what you want to say in your essay

Reporting verbs 1
Reporting verbs 2

Obiter Dicta - understand the meaning of this legal term

Obiter Dicta

Legalese - consider other terms that are used regularly in law

Legalese 1
Legalese 2

Quotations - learn to incorporate quotations in your work

Quotations 1
Quotations 2
Quotations 3
Quotations 4

Writing paragraphs - learn about the importance of writing in paragraphs

Writing paragraphs

Writing law assignments - a step by step guide to writing your assignment

Writing law assignments 1
Writing law assignments 2
Writing a thesis statement
Writing introductions
Writing conclusions

Academic style - improve the quality of your writing by avoiding informal and vague language

Academic style 1
Academic style 2

Useful expressions - choose from a range of alternative expressions

Useful expressions for introductions
Useful expressions for conclusions
Useful expressions for legal problem solving essays

How to avoid plagiarism - yes, it it possible

How to avoid plagiarism